Photo Album of ICAW 2020

As it looks as if many of us will be locked down during Compost Week restricted to our gardens with “exercise”  visit to the allotment please join us in celebrating composting by sharing  a photo of your compost bin or allotment system.  It does not mater if you are a new to composting or an expert please share a photo of your system with us. Compost heaps, plastic and wooden bins, trenches and post holes,  bokashi and wormeries photos of all systems are welcome.  As we want to share the joy of composting with others, we ask that as a condition of taking part you agree to make the photo freely available to all to be used non-commercially to promote composting. Include your name for the photo credit. We will keep the event open during May and June.

Please post to Facebook Carry on Composting or email to