Hunt for "tigers" in compost

Undertake a Compost safari and hunt for Tiger (worms) and other creatures found in the compost bin and wormery. We can provide a session for schools and events to help give an understanding of the types of creatures found in compost.

We provide an  opportunity to search compost from the compost bin or wormery for the creatures that live in, or visit, the bin. these may include composting worms, their eggs, slugs, snails, springtails etc. A few words of warning. We we hold this session with a full class in a .primary schools it can get a little noisy

Session involves the use of hand lenses, magnifier and microscope and projection onto a screen (indoor events only) It can also include making simple traps from plastic bottles that can be placed in the compost bin to capture creatures.

A Power-point presentation showing a wide range of compost creatures including larger ones such as mice and slow-worms is also offered  to supplement the safari.

Details of the creatures involved in composting can be found here  Compost Creatures

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