Composting Demonstration site Stokes Wood Allotments

As a Leicestershire Master Composter keen on promoting composting I  have managed a Composting Demonstration Site in the County for a number of years. This was originally hosted at the Leicester County Council Snibston Discovery Park and Museum but unfortunately the Discovery Park  was closed by the Council.

You can also see some of the Sibston composting site on Cbeebies

We moved the Composting demonstration  to the  University of Leicester Botanic Garden  in 2015 and  had hoped that this location would enable us  to reach a larger number of  gardeners and other visitors with an active interest in composting. However, the closure of the cafe at the end of the summer of 2015 meant that waste food was no longer available on site and it was decided to move to  new venue.

We have now moved to  Stokes Wood Allotments, 2b Stokes Drive, Leicester, LE3 9BS.  While we are now located  in the city rather than the county we will still be working to maintain our links with LCC. The site is  open  to the public between 10-12 on Wednesday mornings,  when the site breakfast  club is open, offering the chance to see the site  and have a good old  fashioned English breakfast. 

Individuals, families  and informal groups (up to 6 people) do not need to book but formal/officail  group visits e.g  schools, garden clubs, allotment societies are asked to complete a booking form so that we can have someone ready to give a site tour and food available.  A copy of our risk assessment relating to visits is available to Group Organisers.

The Stokes Wood composting demonstration site  has  been Registered for:

  • T23: Aerobic composting and associated prior treatment,
  • T26: Treatment of kitchen waste in a wormery,
  • U11: Spreading waste to benefit non-agricultural land and
  • U12: Using mulch.

 The site pavilion  is available for hire by Garden Clubs, Allotment Societies and Schools  for composting workshops and talks which include  a tour of the site (see above for details). It can also be hired for other events. 

 To keep up to date with progress on the composting  site and composting events  as well as additions to this website follow us on facebook:

We  installed a new a Rowlinson Beehive  composter kindly donated by GardenSite has been installed.     Composters from GardenSite"

Hozelock have kindly donated a Plant Food maker and a Bokashi bin which will be dispalyed in the shed when the interior has been painted We are currently displaying these on our event stand.

Donations of compost bins and equipment are welcomed. 


Painted bins with the pallet Reception bins

1. Entrance to the site

Aerobin 400 on the right

Liquid feeds and cooked food composters

Hotbins, Jorra and green Johanna

Beehive and plastic bins

Move down the page for the next 5 slides

An introduction to the site

Tumbler bins the large Mantis is just in shot

Comparison of Beehive and 220l plastic bin

Tumbler bins

Take a photo to remember the visit

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Wormery Section

Worm bins

Can-o-worms and dog poo wormery

Making seed balls

This is one of the activities we can offer to schools, cubs and other groups

Compost Safari in the hall

The compost safari is normally held in the hall as it involves using microscopes

Details of composting on the demonstration site

The above Slideshow  shows some of the compost bins and techniques that form part of the Composting Demonstration of the site. Photos of the bins etc on display are given on the next page.

Information on the Community Composting on the site is given at Community composting.

Details of room hire for meetings, workshops and talks please contact 




12.06.2020 09:52

Julie Peel

I’m interested in the composting courses; please could you send details? I’ve tried making contact via the address in the article in Allotment Magazine but not had a response. Thank you

15.02.2020 15:44

Margaret Jones

Please can you send me a form so that I can book a place on the composting course on 2/5/20. Many thanks

23.02.2020 12:09


Please email me at

22.01.2020 12:54

James Collins

Rod, many thanks for your very interesting and informative insight into the different types of composter's. We will "Get Composting"

19.11.2016 13:50


I have a Mantis composter it is amaizing but you have to mix your grass cutting with autumn leaves thoroughly other wise the grass clumps and turn into tight green smelly ball. I add coffee grounds and chicken manure pellets to it.

21.02.2020 18:28

Rodney Weston

I have a Mantis on the Composting Demonstration site. They are good quality bins. I tend to use other browns rather than leaves as we have few available