International Compost Awareness Week 2020

 May 3 – 9, 2020

The goal of International Compost Awareness week is to build awareness on the benefits of compost use, composting, organics recycling and how compost can help with the environment through long-term sustainability and decreasing climate change. The theme for the 2020 Compost Awareness Week is  Soil Loves Compost. Composting keeps our soil happy and it keeps our planet healthy.

 Normally national events  include tours of compost facilities, compost workshops on allotments and community gardens, sessions on composting for schools, talks  to Garden Clubs and compost roadshows by local councils and compost bin offers.  Despite the difficult circumstances  this year  we can still work together to help get the message out to people and to help in suggestion activities for adults and children at home.  

CAW offers those already composting a chance to get help, advice and learn new techniques, whilst those who do not compost yet use the opportunity to check out composting websites and Facebook groups and our email contacts to get involved in composting  as a practical environmentally friendly activity which will improve their soil and help the environment as home composting organic waste also helps to significantly reduce carbon emissions

By composting  household organic and cardboard  waste, each of us can help reduce the amount of waste going to our landfill and turn the cardboard not being collected with the green garden waste to good use in improving the soil at home.

Carry on Composting is a Leicestershire based volunteer run website that promotes composting which will be featuring indoor and outdoor activities for children  in a special  Composting for Kids section.

Compost Awareness week 2020 Your photos

This album is reserved for your photos to celebrate Compost Awareness Week 2020. Please include your name as you would like it printed and details of the location and a brief description. Email photos to carryoncomposting1@gmail or post on the Facebook   Carry on Composting page.  

There are more composting photos on    Composting Photos. These may be reproduced freely but please acknowledge Carry on Composting as the source

Composting for kids

This section contains ideas for compost related activities suitable for children at home it includes indoor and outdoor activities.  Kids and composting were meant for each other and they make excellent ambassadors for recycling, reducing waste and fighting climate change. Obviously as it can involve soil, plants, worms and water it can be mucky so will help encourage children to wash their hands during lockdown.

When choosing suitable  compost activities for kids, please make time to discuss what happens to the waste  that isn’t composted. The procedures differ between countries and counties/states so please check the local council (or equivalent) website.

More activities will be added weekly until  International Compost Awareness week  

If you have an activity that you would like added please email details to or send a link to webpage

Composting for Kids 2 Make a Rotbot: A Compost bin in a bottle

An indoor activity using a two litre plastic bottle,  green leaves from vegetables or veg. peelings  and paper or cardboard. 

Link  2. Rotbots

Compost for Kids: 3. Making Seed Bombs

Making this Seed Bombs Recipe is quick and easy – it is a brings together composting and  gardening. the seed bombs can be thrown at a prepared site in the garden or planted in a pot. You can make these at any time of year, but choice the seeds  depending on the sowing date  for  flowers. This will normally be   early Spring to late Summer. Details are on the packet.

3. Making Seedballs

Composting for kids 4. Indoor wormery

Make an indoor wormery using 4+ litre ice cream containers or buckets . 

Make a wormery and turn kitchen scraps into compost in 6-8 weeks.

4. Indoor wormery

5. Painted compost bin

Decorate a compost bin and send a photo to Carry on Composting to publish for our 10,000 weekly uses to see and admire.   

   5. Painted bin


6. Compost Quiz

Do you know what can be composted and what cannot. Print off a copy of this quiz for the family and see who has the better compost knowledge.

6 .Compost Quiz

7. Composting Computer games


Follow the links to compost and recycling games  on the web. Fresh links are always appreciated but first you may like to watch an introduction to composting  by Peppa Pig and Garden Organic

7. Compost Games