Galvanised Metal Composter

Available from    Price at March 2014  £ 39.99

A small (base diameter 52cm, height 54cm) 40 litre capacity cone shaped decorative composter in bright galvanised metal. Fitted with an easy-access sliding hatch. Both hatch and lid have a handle for ease of use.  Made  in the UK.

Parasene Metal composter

Parasene metal composter

 The Parasens  galvanised  90 x 62 x 45cm composter is supplied as a flatpack  is relatively cheap at £53.94 and makes a good alternative composter for those who do not like plastic.  It  has a  9 cubic ft. capacity and in shape resembles the Komp 250.  It has a good size lid and a large hatch for ease of harvesting.  Available from Machine Mart at

 Price July 2017 £54.00


Galvanised bin with rubber lid

Galvanised bin from William James & Co

A round galvanised composter is said to provide an  environmentally friendly means  of composting for those wjho wish to avoid plastic and do not want a wooden bin.This model manufactured from 22 gauge galvanised steel, has a a  rubber lid,  and a large hatch at its base. 

The bin is 0.71m high and 460mm in diameter

Available from William James & Co

Price July 2017   £34.68

Easy Load Galvanised Steel Slatted Compost Bin

Slatted Galvanised bin available from Primrose

 galvanised steel version of a slated New Zealand box composter . Being Galvanised it is is rust, weather and chemical resistant, and should have a long working life. outdoor use. The bin has a 605.5litre capacity and is 3ft square (93cm) and 2ft 3inches (70cm) high
As with all slatted bins the increased air circulation  has to be based against temperature loss

A  Lacewing bin availble from Primrose at;

Price July 2017 £39.99 reduced from  £59.99




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