Compost Related photos

Allotment with compost bin

Turning compost to aerate it at County Hall Leicestershire

Using compost as a multch

Leafmould composting

"Traditional" heap in the corner of a garden

Compost bins on neglected allotment

Compost bins during development of demonstration site

Rolling compost bin

"Dog" on dog poo wormery

Out of control compost heap

snow on winter compost bin

Cut away compost bin with gazebo at event

Comfrey tube

harvesting compost

Fresh compost from a Blackwell compost bin

Rotbot seedling

Dog Poo wormery. Set up and ready for use

Dog poo wormery Bedding in place to allow the worms to settle in before adding the dog poo.

Dog poo wormery in use

Compost Demonstration site at Snibston 2011

Compost demonstration site at Snibston 2011

Compost demonstration site Snibston 2011

Compost Corner Snibston 2012

Wormeries insulated with loft lagging in plastic bags to protect from winter frost

Compost promotion Gazebo at Outdoor event

My Compost promotion stand at indoor event showing the painted compost bin monster

Compost promotion stand at indoor event

Compost bin ready for harvesting via hatch

Harvesting some of my bins

The harvest

Compost harvest

Compost bin: hatch removed ready to harvest compost

Compost bins Green Johanna and Aerobin 4000 at carryoncomposting

Aerobin 400 in use showing internal aeration system

Con-O-Worms wormery. Middle tray compost almost ready to harvest

Can-O -Worms Compost with some worms on the surface

Greens (grass) added to bin. Next photo show browns (shredded paper) cover the grass

Browns (shredded paper) added to bin, covering grass (greens).

New Zealand bin against a wall, wood and corrugated iron sides

Allotment compost bin and storage area

Garden windrow Mainly grass with wood chip added to provide the "Browns"

Aylestone allotments

An allotment bin which may need weeding before harvesting the compost

Comfrey and an allotment compost bin

A nest of allotment compost bins

Allotment compost bins

community allotment heap 1

community allotment heap 2

community allotment heap 4

wire allotment bins

It is sometimes difficult to find the right photo, that can be used free of charge, to illustrate something that you are writing on, or a slide relating to, composting.  I  include this page of composting photos that can be downloaded and used free for non-commercial use. I would however ask that the photographer of  any used, and this site, is  acknowledged. Most are from my stock but if you would like to send any that you have taken for free use I will include them and acknowledge the source.

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