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I am always interested in composting techniques and would be grateful for any photos of interesting composting bins or activities.

20. Feb, 2017

Glyn A Clarke

Hi I have informed the Alottment and Gardening Group of the link to your website and must admit it is very informative. Do you have any form of leaflets I could have to help encourage people to compost.

Website 7. Feb, 2017

Marie Blanche

Thank you for your size information on composting, it is very interesting even if I do not speak English very well.

5. Jul, 2016

Stan Limbert

Hi Rod I have found your site a great source of information. I have however added a comment on the temperatures you quote for wormeries 300 deg C? lead is molten at 300 deg C+.

12. Jun, 2016

John mason

Hi Rod great site all the info you could ever want - thanks john

Website 21. Apr, 2016

nicky scott

our website is just about to ne updated - April 2016. also we have www.proper-job.org and www.growingdevonschools.org

Website 27. Oct, 2015


Thanks and checkout



Website 19. Dec, 2014

Carole Shorney

Have you a contact in Essex, please, as we are planning an in-house talk on home composting on Monday 21 December 2015.

9. Nov, 2014

Sarah Loudon

Iam new to composting, having acquired a garden with an old unloved, unproductive compost bin. Thank you for your efforts in presenting composting information in a helpful way. I now understand why the current bin isn't working- it's got too cold (being
in the shade) and hasn't been turned or had the ingredients added in the right way. I now know to move this bin to a sunny and warner spot - airate the contents (they smell in a way they shouldn't) and add new stuff in correct greeen/brown ratio. I will get
a green johanna to go in the shady spot! Thank you again composting guru!

18. Oct, 2014


this is a very informative site, lots of really interesting topics, great news for me, thanks

Website 31. Aug, 2014

Bryan Maycock

Great site. Where were you ten years ago.

You may find my 'preoccupation' interesting at http://www.bryanmaycock.com/2003-2006.html