Composting Events and news

27. Oct, 2022
Has anybody got experience of using scaffold boards to make compost bins, and how long the boards will last in use. We are looking to make about six large bins.
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19. Oct, 2022


I will be giving talks to the following groups during the next few months. Most welcome visitors so  if you are interested in attending lease contact the organisers .

  • 3rd November  7.30 pm Rutland Horticultural Society Methodist Church Hall, Northgate, Oakham .

          Message from:

  • 16th November.  Orston Garden Club, Orston Village Hall. 



I will be offering  a Compost Help Desk at Stokes Wood allotment Composting Demonstration site, 2B Stokes Drive, Leicester  LE3 9BS most Wednesday mornings.   Please check the Carry on Composting  Facebook page. Refreshments are available.

For a different composting event join our Pumpkin Smash  10.30am  – 12.30   12th November

17. Oct, 2022

I started composting packing wool on the 24th August (see  Blog below)  and dogs hair on 21st September.  There is no evidence of the two layers of dog hair that were added to the bin. Some of the wool can still be found, mainly at the cooler edges of the bin . It would appear the actinomyces are growing on the remains  of the wool buried a little deeper in the composting material (see photo).  The bin will be turned once more and probally over wintered.  It would appear that both wool and dog hair will decompose  more quickly than the runner bean  stems which can be seen   

17. Oct, 2022
We have a good supply of coffee grounds at present. Here they are being used to give the contents of a just turned part-full bin a green boost. Material from another bin will then be added along with another layer of  coffee. The bin will then be filled,  topped with a brown layer and left for a week. It will then be turned again. Members of our composting site will then have the choice of using it as a mulch, after another week or two, or having it overwintered and made available in the spring. There are more photos on the carryoncomposting FB page  
30. Sep, 2022
We are still receiving pumpkin plants for composting from those who are pulling them up or cutting back leaves but looking at the site most are still to come. Last week saw an increase in runner bean plants being dropped off in the Reception bin. While these are a welcome source of greens they are very time consuming when they have to be untangled and cut into manageable lengths. Just removing them from the Reception bin involves cutting the bundles free from the tangled mass while each fork full needs cutting once on the pile so that it can be easily turned during composting.
I have also received my first batch of windfall apples. These need cutting or smashing with a hammer to speed composting. Cutting and sorting the runners took so long that no bins got turned this week but I have got two empty ready for the Pumpkin Smash in November.
If you are following the blogs the dog hair is now under and mixed with the bean layer in the photo.