22. Nov, 2022

Green Johanna composting pumpkins

Pumpkins from our pumpkin smash after  to 4 days in the Green Johanna showing  how they can be composted in a  home composting bin . The Johanna will compost garden waste, and both cooked and uncooked kitchen waste/food so is a useffull choice for the pumpkins.   The pumpkins contain a lot of moisture (having been left outdoors  in the rain for a week so woodchip was added as an additional brown and bulking agent to provide air spaces. Some coffee was also added as we have a constant supply  and it is a dry green.   During the  "4 day"   turning there was  a sightly unpleasant smell but this was not detectable after aeration and the addition of shredded paper and a bit more woodchip. The pallet bins that we were also using  had more pumpkin, being a larger bins,  and a  greater  smell when turned. The photo shows the contents after being aerated. More details on the www.carryoncomposting.com pumpkin smash page