30. Sep, 2022

The Compost Year early September

We are still receiving pumpkin plants for composting from those who are pulling them up or cutting back leaves but looking at the site most are still to come. Last week saw an increase in runner bean plants being dropped off in the Reception bin. While these are a welcome source of greens they are very time consuming when they have to be untangled and cut into manageable lengths. Just removing them from the Reception bin involves cutting the bundles free from the tangled mass while each fork full needs cutting once on the pile so that it can be easily turned during composting.
I have also received my first batch of windfall apples. These need cutting or smashing with a hammer to speed composting. Cutting and sorting the runners took so long that no bins got turned this week but I have got two empty ready for the Pumpkin Smash in November.
If you are following the blogs the dog hair is now under and mixed with the bean layer in the photo.