30. Sep, 2022

Pumpkin Rescue : Halloween Lanterns

Please do not add your pumpkin lanterns to the sixteen million sent to waste  after Halloween  send, or bring, them to our Pumpkin Smash so that it can be composted and used to improve the soil. Last year we had over two hundred smashed, composted and  used as a soil improver to help grow food on the allotments.

 If you have contacts at a community group, school or allotment please consider acting as a collection point, and arrange for us to collect them, or   bring them  to our allotment composting site.

The   Pumpkin Smash will be held at  Stokes Wood Allotment Registered Composting site 2b Stokes Drive, Leicester on 12th  November.  Parties from schools, clubs and community groups are welcome to bring their pumpkins and film their Smash on the day or on other days by appointment. Last year we had about 240 pumpkins and a school smash has been filmed for TV