17. Sep, 2022

Composting Wool continued

I started composting wool packaging on 24th August  and today (17th September) I turned the bin contents again as the bin had cooled down during the week I have been on holiday. Photos are given in earlier blogs and in more detail on the main website Composting Wool.  There has been little change in the wool although the rest of the bin contents are decomposing nicely.  The time scale for home composting wool is from 3 months to over a year so I was not expecting any significant changes in the appearance of the wool at this stage  but I am hoping turning the bin wil get the temperature back above 40C. Depending on progress this batch of compost will either be release  in October as a multch or left to mature over winter 

If you are not reading this on the carryoncomposting blog more information is available at www.carryoncomposting.com/composting wool.