5. Sep, 2022

Halloween Pumpkin Smash and Composting

The charity Hubbub  estimate that 14.4 million pumpkins are expected to be left uneaten after Halloween  and just under half are discarded as  waste. Even when the flesh of carved pumpkins is eaten the "lanterns" will be thrown away with many going to landfill.  Help Rescue  the lanterns so that they can be   composted to benefit the soil and climate. 

This year's pumpkin Halloween Smash, at Stokes Wood Allotments, Leicester will be on 12 November. Weekday Smashing sessions can be offered for schools  Go to the main webpage Pumpkin Smash 2022

As usual we will be asking schools, pubs, clubs, and individuals to donate their carved pumpkins to be composted rather than send them to landfill. Last year we had over 200 donated. Please help us this year. Local schools and individuals will be invited to attend the event and join in the smashing of the pumpkins and starting the composting process.

If you are based in Leicestershire and would be prepared to act as a collection point, please contact us. If you have a community composting site, please consider organising your own collection. More details from carryoncomposting1@gmail.com