31. Aug, 2022

Actinomyces appearing early in the bin

 Actinomycetes are fungi-like bacteria that play an important  role in breaking down  complex woody materials including  lignin, chitin, cellulose in the compost  heap. These bacteria usually appear  when the bin is at  moderate temperatures and has been undisturbed during the maturation stage. They   form   threadlike filaments stretching through the compost.

It is during this stage that I usually see them in my bins. This year they have appeared in two of my pallet bins earlier than usual after only 4-6  weeks when the bins cooled from the thermophilic temperatures and were being turned for the third time to give a final temperature boost.

This year the weather has been hotter and dryer although the bins have been watered when turned and although a little on the dry side  where still reasonably moist.

Any suggestions?