26. Jul, 2022

Green Johanna compost harvest

The Green Johanna is a hot composting system  which can be supplied with an insulating winter jacket. It is designed to cope with compostable waste from a family of five to eight and can deal  with a wide range of food waste including: bones, bread, cardboard, coffee filters, dairy products, eggshells, fish remains, fruit, meat, paper, tea bags and vegetables. plus, garden waste with  litter from my chicken hutch providing most of the browns. It is a good midrange bin that has been resistant to rats which have got under,  but never into, my two  bins  and to badgers on Stokes Wood Allotment  demonstration site. 

My bins at home tend to receive less attention than those on the allotment  but the top layers are mixed when fresh material  is added. As both bins are almost full, and mulch was need on the flower beds, where inherited ground cover fabric was being removed, I  decided to harvest the finished compost from both. 

So far, I have five trugs of compost  from the first bin with at least two more to come ....It must be a bit like the Tardis inside.