6. Jul, 2022

Compost Year :Early July

The Composting year.
Early July and we are still getting weeds in the Allotment Community Composting reception bin plus the remains of early flowers, rhubarb leaves, some "marestail" and prunings with small plums or greengages (picture) which are now chopped and in a working bin. The Reception bin was full again and the first working bin (which l had left uncovered) was a bit on the dry side. Now topped from the reception bin and topped off with a woodchip layer, given a final watering and covered as I will not be on-site for a week. I used some of the compost from a Hotbin to make Compost Extract for use by some of the gardeners although ACT  (links  Compost "Teas"   and   Plant Liquid Feeds ) is better it takes longer to make and does not keep as well. This is important as most of the users will not be on the allotment until this evening. 
The final job  was tp harvest some overwintered compost for plot holders to use.