30. May, 2022

Passive aeration of compost

We are advised to add a layer of twigs at the bottom of the compost bin so as to assist with aeration of the bin and this works well if the contents are not being turned. If the contents are being turned it is likely that many of the woody items from the bottom of the initial bin will end up spread throughout the contents wheb turned or end up on top of the bin. Woody items in the composting material will continue to aid aeration and any that have not been broken down during composting can be removed at the end of the process. However, those  in the top layers of the bin can look untidy and put off new composters. They are not a problem and can be  removed  to reuse as the base of the next bin to be filled if a row of 3 or 4 bins are being used  In this way they can be reused several times and never make the exciting journey along the row of bins.