19. May, 2022

Composting Year Late May

This week I am ignoring the material left in the Composting site Reception bin and am concentrating on the weeds that have grown on the plot refreshed by the warmth and rain. There were enough weeds to provide 2 layers of greens in one of the pallet bins (see photo) and  to top up 5 of the moulded and sectional plastic bins on the plot. The bin shown was given a layer of shredded paper and topped with decomposing waste from the Reception bin. Watered and covered  while I take a holiday from the site.
A batch of ACT was bottled and left for members to take and on the day with bottles of Compost  Extract made to keep them happy for the  of the week. I am rapidly coming round to the view I will in future provide Compost Extract  instead of Aerated Tea as it is quicker to make and has a better shelf life for those who cannot get to the Allotment Site on Wednesdays.