27. Apr, 2022

The Compost Year. Fresh weeds and soil on the roots

Today I have returned to the matter of soil being left on weeds put in our Reception bin. Having enriched and cultivated the soil on the plots it seems a shame to give it away. However, the fresh weeds are a welcome source of Greens as most of the waste over the last week has been dried plant tops.  Although I would rather the soil was kept on the plot, when layered in a working bin it does introduce local microbes and can be used as a top layer when the bin is full. The contents of this bin are not going to be turned and will sink over the next week or two after which it will be topped up.
Just a reminder to  composters local to Leicester  that we have a session on Compost teas and liquid feeds next Wednesday (4th May) and an Introduction to Composting on the following Sunday (8May) email carryoncomposting1@gmail.com