20. Apr, 2022

Harvesting over wintered compost

I have been emptying the compost from the maturation  bin (the photo shows the  second container this week)  of over wintered compost from  the community composting site at Stokes Wood Allotments.

Once the plotholders have taken this we will move onto the second overwintered bin. The contents were turned today to break up any lumps. Community Composting on an allotment site provides an effective way of dealing with organic waste from thos plots where the occupyer is not interested in composting the material themselves. It also provides a free source of good compost to improve the soil on the site. The Stokes Wood site in Leicester also includes a Composting demonstrationwith 20+ bins of different types and is open to visitors onmost  Wednesday mornins with food available in the cafe. The hall can also be used for composting training/talk as well as for booking for other sessions