29. Mar, 2022

The Compost Year : The end of March

This week there has been little change in the materials left in our Community Compost reception bin by allotment plot holders. We have continued to receive a range of weeds, still with considerable amounts of soil attached, and a few brassica stalks.  However, we have started to get artichoke plants  I have seen these being  grown on the site, but this is the first year they have been entrusted to the care of the Community composting bins.

As the pallet bins are now all full,  we have started using our decking bin. We have added a manure layer to give it a boost to compensate for the soil on the weeds  as we do not have many good greens at the present. 

Two of the pallet bins that had contained over wintered compost were moved to the Maturation bin although, they have been left since the autumn and  were matured when subjected to the smell test. Transfering to another bin breaks up any lumps and wet patches and when covered with plastic for a couple of weeks they dry and making it   easietr to sieve.