23. Mar, 2022

Time to harvest the Hotbins

We have two Hotbin composters on the demonstration Site at Stokes Wood Allotments, Leicester which are used for composting the food waste from the café on Wednesday mornings and general waste from the allotments. Both have been in use over the winter and now need to be harvested to make room for new waste in  the busier spring period.

The lower regions of the one of the bins is shown in the photo with worms clearly visible. These first of these will be harvested next week  while the second will be used in a couple of weeks to start our 2022 Aerated Compost Tea.

These working bins can be seen on Wednesday mornings when the site is open to the public, at 2b Stokes Drive Leicester LE 3 9Bs, with breakfasts, hot cobs, tea and coffee  are available