6. Feb, 2022

Food Waste Action Week . Composting cooked food waste at home

Food Waste Action Week     9th March 2022.(please note change of date)

FWAW will  highlight the amount of food waste produced in the UK  and  how it contributes to climate change.

As part of the approach Rod Weston (www. carryoncomposting.com)  will be offering a practical workshop at the Stokes Wood Composting Demonstration site, Stokes Wood Allotments, Leicester. on the home composting of cooked and uncooked food and kitchen waste and the role this can play in the reduction of food waste collected by councils. This is a chance to see how food waste can be  easily   an excellent  garden  soil improver. Ideal for use in no-dig gardening.

Participants will have the chance to use the following  domestic composters Green Johanna,  Hotbin,  Aerobin,  and Jora  as well as a Green Cone Food Digester. For those in flats or with small gardens  there will be a demonstration of Bokashi indoor food fermenters  and information on making a homemade Soil Factories to produce soil to top up patio pots etc from the pre-compost produced by the Bokashi bin .

For further information and registration forms contact carryoncomposting1@gmail.com