18. Jan, 2022

In the Allotment bin

Seasonal composting January. Part of our ongoing look at the composting year as reflected in the reception bin at our allotment community composting site. The  predominant plants left in the top levels of the bin in the couple of weeks since Christmas are Chrysanthemum stems supplemented by the remains of a giant pumpkin.

The Chrysanthemums are useful as they can be cut into lengths and used  as a  three-to-four-inch layer at  the bottom of an empty palate bin. This will allow air to enter at the bottom of the bin and then rise up through the bin in what is known as passive aeration.  The pumpkin had reached the stage where it was just an empty brittle shell which could be broken into smaller pieces by hand. These are being added to our Jora food composter, which was emptied earlier today, supplemented with tea bags from the café,  cardboard and shredded paper. More food will be added to one side of the Jora until it is filled before topping up the second compartment. More information on the Jora or Jorraform composter are given on the www.carrryoncomposting.com  food composting page

The photo shows the layer of stems forming the base layer of a bin