9. Dec, 2021

Progress composting pumpkins

Following the pumpkin smash during the second  week of November we had the remains of over 200  pumpkins (mainly lanterns) to process.  As there   was a fair degree of urgency most were quickly incorporated into four of our pallet bins layered with normal garden waste, woodchip, cardboard or shredded paper. This week after a very rainy period, during which the water seems to have got into a couple of the bins despite the fact that they were covered, I  turned the contents.  As can be seen the pumpkins were breaking down  but thematerial  was very wet, well over 60% moisture on the sponge test.  with a sligh unpleasant odour.  The contents were relayered with additional woodchip  to provide more carbon and to help creat  air spaces.   There are more photos at Composting Pumpkins

The pumpkin saga will continue