24. Sep, 2021

Making Banana Peel tea liquid plant feed

I have mentioned that we are making banana  peel liquid plant feed and am now providing an update. 

Banana tea. If you like fruit or have contacts with a local school you might like to consider making banana peel tea liquid plant feed. It is just a case of soaking banana peel in water for three weeks , stirring, diluting and watering the plants. The tea has a slight banana smell but much more pleasant than that from comfrey or a weed soak. If community composting this is a good addition service that could be provided at an allotment, community garden or school. I have more details on three pages of www.carryoncomposting.com     or if reading the bolg click here Compost Teas,,    Plant Liquid Feeds,  and  Plant Feed Makers
If you make liquid feeds or are involved in small scale community composting please get in touch