13. Sep, 2021

Banana Skin Liquid Feed

Banana Liquid Feed

I make Aerated Compost Tea for our “giant veg man” weekly but we have now decided to make some Banana tea as well as it is quite fashionable at the moment, and I know most allotment gardeners are very trendy people. It also makes good use of Banana skins left over from school snacks producing a liquid feed  before the skins are finally composted.

Banana skins are said to have a high potassium content , which helps develop root development although other plants such as beets, and tomatoes.

On the negative side I have seen reports on the net that it may stain plant leaves and make the soil smell of banana for several days which appeared to attract gnats.

So, the idea is to give it a try and see what happens. Initially I will be using my Hozelock Biomix to make 10 litre of feed using approx. 1 Kilogram of banana skins. This should take about 3 weeks with regular mixing of the liquid. 

There is more inforantion on the carryoncomposting.com  main site. Plant Liquid Feeds   and  Plant Feed Makers

i have include this in my sessions provided for local schools