17. Aug, 2021

Table top Composting : Compostable bags (2)

This second  set of  photos  was taken as the bags start to rot(?) These where taken  on day five of my cold composting of  bags. Samples are from  three compostable bags, two of which where wrappings round magazines while the third was a compostable garden refuse sack.

Each sample has been stretched across an 10cm plastic frame  so that any decomposition can be observed.

The compost materials were  mixed before being added to the “ mini bins” and where  moisten using a spray. The materials were moistened today and will be removed occasionally  to be topped up, remixed and moistened. Photos will be taken during this process and regularly posted on this blog with the full set being shown on the Compostable bag page of www.carryoncomposting.com once we have a few more. The first set of photos is in the blog posted on 12 August