8. Jul, 2021

Composting Volunteers wanted: Leicester

Composting Volunteers wanted:  Leicester

Composting enables householders  to turn their garden and household organic waste into a  valuable soil improver. It reduces  waste sent to landfill cutting  methane emissions,  produces a valuable soil enhancer  and  stores carbon in soils.  If you compost at home you may be interested in using your composting skill to aid the community.   Community Composting can take place on a large-scale site with kerbside collection but there are advantages in small scale action  dealing with waste and producing compost at source. As a volunteer community composter, you could play a role in keeping the process as local as possible minimising transport costs and pollution.

If you live in or near Leicester and   are interested in promoting composting, you could consider volunteering at the Stokes Wood Allotment Community Composting and Demonstration site. The site which produces compost from the allotment garden  waste is open to the public on Wednesday mornings and Saturdays by appointment. We are looking for adult volunteers  who are would be prepared to:

  • Help manage this site and maintain a composting service to 60 plus allotment plots supplying  waste and converting it to compost to use on the allotment site.
  • Help produce liquid plant food and compost tea for use by plot holders.
  • Help maintain the 25 plus demonstration bins and composting methods  on the demonstration site using our plastic, wooden  and  tumbler bins, food composters and wormeries  to show visitors the range of methods available for home composting.
  • Give informal tours to visitors and community groups, garden clubs and allotment societies and demonstrate composting techniques.
  • To help provide on-site training for new composters  from households and allotments attending the site from  across the region.

It is appreciated that volunteers may not be able to commit to a fixed number of hours a week, month or even year the main thing is that they are prepared to devote some time to help composting on  the site and  promoting composting.

The main requirement is an interest in composting no previous experience is needed for this role as training will be provided. Do not worry if you are only able to commit to helping occasionally. Volunteers with  a limited amount of time  are welcome as are those who would like to use volunteering as a means of gaining practical  experience of specific composting techniques  which will be applied in their own garden or community.

For further information please contact carryoncomposting1@gmail.com