21. May, 2021

Composting office paper, newspaper and cardboard

Paper is a standard source of browns but I have read that as Newspapers has a higher Lignin content than office paper and cardboard it should be avoided if possible. I have never experienced any problems in the past but to celebrate Compost Awareness Week i decided to compare how Office paper, Newspaper and cardboard composted in my triple compartment table top composter. The experiment was started on 2 May with the three samples being shredded using the same shredder. I then mixed equal amounts of each with small pieces of comfrey and added a little compost from an existing bin as a starter moistening the mix with water. Shredding the paper made it easier to distribute through the comfrey so we did not have any problems of matting as might happen if it had been left in sheets. The samples where removed from the" bins" and turned by hand to aerate them every four day. The compost was removed after 18 days and photographed. 

 The compost will be air dried and more photos taken.
More phots and info at http://www.carryoncomposting.com/416920203