27. Apr, 2021

How does your compost smell?

  If you have a compost bin or heap that might contain finished compost you can  test that it is finished very simply. If it looks dark and crumbly, as compost should, smell is an excellent  indicator of healthy compost. Put a good handful into a poly bag, and seal it. After 3 or 4 days open the bag and sniff. It has a pleasant earthy smell you are a complete rotter.  

 An unpleasant smell and wet compost use the sponge test to check the moisture content (see the next post) it may have become anaerobic. A smell of ammonia it is likely that it  still has a high nitrogen content and needs more Browns adding.  Compost with a high moisture content  that smells of mildew should be returned to the bin and turned frequently to provide an increased airflow. Would chip could be added to help increase the air spaces,