10. Mar, 2021

Table top composting Day 33

This is the final post in the Composting Comparison series. Day 33

The  photo shows the contents of the three separate “bins” Bin A is layered materials that have not been mixed at all during the process. Bins B ( layered) and C (layered plus worms)   where mixed regularly during the initial stages (see previous photos on the Carryoncomposting.com blog or Facebook pages.

 Bin A which was not aerated shows the least change. It is also wet as the bins have no drainage holes.

Bins B and C The contents of bins that where turned  are similar with the one containing the worms being slightly more decomposed.

The main lesion from this little entertainment is that lockdown will soon be over at you will be welcome to visit the Composting Demonstration site at Stokes Wood Allotment. Leicester and to register to attend one of our practical sessions on Composting Garden and Household waste, Cooked Food composting, Hot composting, Compost teas and liquid feeds, Bokashi and wormeries. Email carryoncomposting@gmail.com for details