23. Feb, 2021

Small scale community composting

Small scale locally based, community composting  such on an allotment or community garden,  a local  community centre or school   composting   the organic material produced on the site for use on the same site. A  system of this type gives the locals full control while  engaging  and educating  the allotment plot holders and the wider  community in food systems,  sustainability without significant financial outlay.  In addition,  it will result  in the  compost being  used to enhance local soils, support local food production, and conserve the natural ecology  of the site by improving soil structure, and soil microorganisms. Larger more formal schemes can involve materials being delivered to the site or kerbside collection and the sale of the finished product.

We are looking to form an informal group of small-scale community composters in the east midlands  if interested please contact carryoncomposting1@gmail.com For photos and details of our site at Stokes Wood allotments Leicester go to http://www.carryoncomposting.com/142941482 and http://www.carryoncomposting.com/443725782