19. Feb, 2021

Allotment Composting Survey

 As composting is an important part of waste management, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill  and   the need for bonfires on the allotment  we would like to increase our understanding of the  number of members who compost and the method they use.

If you have a UK allotment or community garden, please complete the survey in google forms https://forms.gle/XJ8jvMMNPNUF65Qr

 On-site Training Sessions 

We are also hoping to start Composting Training sessions at Stokes Wood Allotment Composting Demonstration site,  Leicester as soon as the lockdown restrictions permit.  We are  planning to introduce a basic session for those new to composting or wishing  to develop their basic skills and more specialised sessions on Hot Composting, Bokashi composting, Making plant and compost teas, vermiculture and allotment community composting. Those completing the relevant session would receive an Allotment Compost Mentor Certificate The sessions would include practical activities  on the demonstration site with lunch and refreshments being provided. In addition, we are hoping  to produce an on-line or distance learning version  that might include an optional practical session on site.