11. Feb, 2021

Lockdown Table top composting Day 6

Day 6 of the comparison between composting with and without turning.

The bin on the left (with the label) is layered but has not been turned. The middle bin has been layered and turned-on day 4 and day 6. The bin on the right has been layered and turn in the same way as the middle bin but also contains some worms. The temperatures in all the bins are the same Each bin had the same  content i.e., pre-mixed greens and shredded paper/card to provide the browns. The temperature of all the bins is 20C. There is some condensation on the walls of the bins.

When I have carried out this exercise before using Rotbots  (2. Making Rotbots) without turning the contents the process has been relative slow.  Taking the contents from two of these bins and mixing them  would appear to been speeding the composting process. We will see whether this is indeed the case.