8. Feb, 2021

Table top Compost layering and mixing experiment Day 1

As lockdown is limiting the time that can be spent at the Stokes Wood Allotment Compost Demonstration site, I have decided to run an experiment using my triple chambered See-Through Compost Container.

On this occasion the same organic materials are being used in each bin:

Greens:  beetroot leaves, sliced beetroot, cabbage, and

Browns: shredded paper/card  showing another use for Christmas cards.

A different composting technique is being used in each bin.

  • Bin 1  Separate layers of green and brown waste
  • Bin 2  Premixed greens and browns waste with aeration every second day from day four
  • Bin 3 Premixed greens and browns with added worms

Each bin has a layer of compost in the base as a starter.

 Progress reports and photos will be published regularly. This is your  chance to guess which chamber will compost the more quickly and which will reach the highest temperature.

There are more photos on the Carry on Composting Facebook page

If you have children, they can make their own indoor compost bis using 2 litre plastic bottles. Follow the link for details   http://www.carryoncomposting.com/142941457  Rotbots are session 5.

It is a good way of keeping them occupied during lockdown and includes some “science”.

You can post photos on the Carry-on Composting Facebook page



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