6. Feb, 2021

Subpod Compost aerator

I have just got a Subpod compost aerator. This has been designed for use with their below ground composter wormery and is shorter than some other models but seems to be an ideal length for aerating compost in a plastic bin where the top half of the bin contains active compost while the lower levels consist on finished compost awaiting harvesting.
I use a number of different compost aerators on the composting demonstration site and for display on my stand during composting events, village fetes, allotment open days etc. and this feels to be one of the most comfortable to use. The aerator is made of stainless steel with a polypropylene handle. This is the first model I have found that can be taken apart for storage and transport making it easy to fit in the car to avoid having to leave it on the allotment.
A word of warning although I described this as a corkscrew aerator it is not designed to fit a wine bottle