18. Jan, 2021

Bokashi Soil Factory

Winter  weather  can make it difficult to get on to, and dig, the garden making it difficult to bury the precompost produced using a Bokashi system. The answer may be a Soil Factory where the pre-compost is mixed with compost or soil in a small lidded bin with drainage holes.  I   harvest compost from one of my compost  bins  in advance (when weather permits) and store it in the shed for a week to dry a little so that  It mixes with the Bokashi  pre-compost better if it is not to moist. 

The lower 4 inches of the container are filled with the  compost. The pre-compost is then added directly from the Bokashi fermenter. This is then covered by a 2-3-inch  layer of fresh soil or compost  and mixed well.This layering can be repeated until the container is full. The  top layer should be about 4 inches of soil. Once full I leave it for a few days and then mix it again covering with a final layer of compost (or soil) The loose-fitting  lid is then  be put in place. 

The waste will take between  three and twelve weeks to completely break down, depending on the temperature and type of waste. It is worth checking progress  after 2-4 weeks (when I usually find mine is ready). At this stage    the proportion of material recognizable as waste food will have decreased and that of “soil” will have increased.  Mixing the soil factory contents weekly will speed the process. The waste breaks down more quickly  when  warm but not too hot (under 40C). Decomposition slows at lower temperatures so during the winter it is best kept indoors or well insulated if left on a balcony the temperature should  not fall below 6C

The is more information at http://www.carryoncomposting.com/416920212