10. Jan, 2021

Subpod Wormery Composting system

 We are about to add a Subpod to the Stokes Wood Allotment exhibits. Subpod   a relatively new wormery composting system  that is ideal for use in raised beds on the allotment and  community gardens, (where several composters can be in  used to form a bank of units). When installed  in the home garden the unit is designed so that it can be used as a  seat,  enabling gardeners to sit on their worms.  

  It is designed so that the part that houses the worms is  underground, so that the worms have access to the soil enabling them  to breed as rapidly as they like because there is always room for their population to grow. As important for the point of view of an allotment or community garden where the wormery may not be as closely monitored as at home the soil in the raised bed acts as an insulator in both hot and cold weather. While converting kitchen and vegetable waste to compost this twin chambered wormery also  increases the worm population in the raised bed.

Covid-19 restrictions mean that at present I cannot get to the Demonstration site to install  the Subpod but the idea of the demonstration is to the divide a raised bed into two and allow children visiting the site  to compare the  worm numbers in Subpod half  of the bed with the over half.