1. Dec, 2020

Seasonal variety bin

It is the time of year when community composters may be faced with a wide variety of materials submitted to be composted. Today working down the reception bin,  we had what I imagine will be the last of the tomato plants along with dahlias, which had helpfully been cut to a suitable length, along with the normal weeds. However, as I worked my way down the bin I came to a quantity of chrysanthemum  flowers, followed by cabbages  and when exploring the lower reaches of the bin found some large pumpkins  cut into sections hiding under general plant waste. They most have been put in the bin after Halloween and where then covered by the  other waste. It was fair to say that decomposition had started!  Layered with a cardboard and woodchip they are now cut to length and starting to work nicely in the third of the season working bins which will probably be filled tomorrow. We have had a batch of conifer wood ship which includes a good proportion of shredded leaves  and I am using some of this sandwiching the pumpkin layer to see if it hides the quite strong smell of what went into the bins and quite smelly pumpkin. Next in line are a range of brassica stalks and a couple of stems of spouts. For the first time I have one of the reception bins empty and the other less than half full.  

If you have an interest in composting using a wide range of bins and materials, live in the Leicester / Leicestershire and would like to be involved in the Demonstration site and training programme once vaccination has become wide spread please contact carryoncomposting1@gmail.com