27. Nov, 2020

Allotment Community Composting

Allotment  Community Composting sites offering a composting service to all of the allotment plot holders with open access to the reception bins so that material can be dropped off at any time are convenient for   individual plot holders. As they  provide  an additional service to those  who do not have the time or interest in converting  their waste to compost.   I am aware that over the years a number of other community schemes, that initially operated under a similar system, have had to introduce physical controls such as fences and gates to  limit drop off times to when supervision is available to prevent participants abusing the system.  

During the most recent  lockdown we have experienced problems caused by  an increase in the amount of waste and members ignoring signage, overfilling the reception bins so that waste is spread across the paths, dumping waste in bins  labelled not for use, and removing   barrier tape positioned to prevent access to the working bins on the site. In addition,  unsorted uncut waste has been dumped in bins that are in use, where waste has been cut to size and layered, resulting in time been wasted  as the bins have to be  part emptied and relayed.

I would be interested in whether  others have encountered problems of this type and  how they have dealt with this situation.