1. Nov, 2020

New composting bins and demonstrations

“Changes at the Stokes Wood Allotment Composting Demonstration Site

As part of the changes being introduced at the Stokes Wood Composting demonstration site in the hope that we will be able to start our training programme  for allotment plot holders across the midlands in the spring we have created a “Komp” corner  with three different types of Komp plastic bins. The first two are “Themo” models. The  Komp 250 litre is an old favourite bin with hinged modular panels making it easy to empty,  move and open to harvest the finished compost.  It has evenly spaced ventilation holes  and fits into a space less than 2sq.ft. The larger 525 model is similar in construction but is  six sided. The Komp 640 is one of our slatted bins for those who favour greater ventilation. We have been using this to make leaf mould but are considering using as an additional bin for our normal allotment waste.  We now have approximately 40 different bins and systems of composting and making liquid feeds on display  including  a covered anaerobic weed mound and a garden waste Bokashi mound .

Once the Covid-19  restrictions are lifted the site will be open to visitors on Wednesday mornings and by appointment. Visits by allotment societies are welcome and can be combined with a training session for new or experienced composters wishing to brush up on more specialized techniques. e.g. hot composting, wormeries  or making compost and plant  liquid feeds.