18. Oct, 2020

Composting Glut?

Runners and strawberries
The composting reception bins are overflowing yet again at the Stokes Wood Demonstration site mainly with runner bean, tomato and strawberry plants. This years Covid restrictions together with a ban on bonfires has meant a considerable increase in the amount of material requiring composting. The bonfire ban means that more material will end up back on the soil as compost rather than up in the air as smoke and pollution but it has shown the need for more compost bins and sufficient time to install them. The increase in material also means that at present we do not have time to cut the material into as short a length as I would like, or a spare bin into which to turn the compost to follow a hot composting technique so we will have extra layered cold bins composting over the rest of the autumn and winter.
The photos show the bins as they where first thing this morning and as material was moved to the working bin including a cardboard layer. This bin should be completed during the week
There are more photos on the Facebook Carry on composting  page https://business.facebook.com/carryoncomposting/