15. Sep, 2020

Bokashi Windrow on the Demonstration site

Bokashi is the most environmentally friendly form of composting despite being anaerobic, As Master Composters we promote a pair of Bokashi bins to treat cooked food and plate scrapings and it works well producing a pickled pre-compost that can be added to an ordinary compost bin or be trench/post hole  composted and a liquid which can be used as a fertiliser. The Bokashi bins  ca be kept in the kitchen, utility room garage or as a demonstration in a classroom.

 Farmers and growers use Bokashi  on a large scale, so we are starting a demonstration of a garden or “community composting site”  techniques using windrows about 2m long and 1m wide. We are starting the windrow tomorrow  using  Agriton products.

 We will be open to up to 5  visitors by appointment  over the coming few weeks.

The photo shows the small-scale kitchen system that is ready to add to the compost bin. More details can be found at  http://www.carryoncomposting.com/416920212