16. Aug, 2020

Compost catch-up

Still trying to catch up with the materials left for composting over the lockdown in Leicester. It is a slow job as most of it needs cutting into shorter lengths and is entangled in knots. It also includes a couple of rows of peas complete with string. This means that it is being cut into longer than recommended lengths  of about six inches as these can be turned without too much effort.  As most of the material being added had dried while waiting in the reception bin a layer of manure  and another of comfrey was added as an activator.   The bin in  the picture took too sessions to reach this level  the  last addition  being three days ago. The temperature  was 63oC,  pH 5.6 and moisture off the scale as it was given a good soaking  to avoid it drying out in the hot weather. The bin was covered with plastic and the front by cardboard  (pulled down  in the photo) This will beused as a brown layer in the next bin and will be easier to tear having got wet if the rain comes as expected. This bin was filled after the photo was taken and will not be turned again  unless the space is needed.