7. Aug, 2020

Bokashi Pre-compost

As most of my composting is undertaken using a range of conventional aerobic compost bins, I only use my Bokashi for treating  cooked food waste so that it can be added to a conventional compost bin to complete its progress to mature compost. I do this as it requires less effort than finding space for a trench or remembering where I have dug post-holes to bury the pre-compost.

The latest batch of Bokashi pre-compost has matured and was ready to transfer to the compost heap this week. It has been added as a layer to the bin shown and was covered by ordinary Greens and Browns as the bin was filled.  The bin has been filled so that can manage with being turned only once or twice as due to a build up of waste due to the Corvid-19 lockdown I may not have time or space for weekly turning.

If you have cooked food waste but are using a dalek bin I can recommend using Bokashi to convert the cooked food to a form in which you can compost it.