3. Aug, 2020

New baby tumbler bin

We have two new compost bins coming onto the Stokes Wood Allotment Demonstration site this week

The first is a small tumbler the Meridin  by UPP suitable for those with small gardens or just courtyards. This bin  consists of two 70 litre chambers which can be turned independently. As it is made of plastic it may not be rodent proof and is  unsuitable for composting cooked food , meat  dairy etc  Tumblers work best when batch composting batches of organic material so it is best to fill 2/3rds of the first chamber with a mixed load of Greens and Browns approximately 1 part browns to 2 parts greens.  The bin is turned 5-10 times on filling. After two or three days the contents should have heated up  and will then need turning every 2-3 days. As this is a small bin the moisture will need checking during dry weather with water being added to keep it moist. The compost should be ready within about eight weeks.    

This bin will be brought into use this Wednesday and  can be seen on Wednesday mornings, subject to Covid-10 regulations/guidelines, when the compost site is open.   

The photo shows our new baby next to the Mantis tumbler