24. Jun, 2020

Burying Bokashi pre-compost : Trench composting

The pre-compost produced by treating food waste by Bokashi  can be buried in a hole (“post hole” composting), but I feel that it is best to use the Trench composting method where a 30cm (1ft) deep trench is dug to bury the Bokashi product (preferably  with the addition of uncooked kitchen waste) this can be filled and left over winter to make a bean trench so than the plan the location of your trench  now . Alternatively, you can create a trench or post holes and use the ground after 2-3 weeks. 

The pre-compost will be acidic, probably pH 3.5 - 4 so if being added to a trench or post hole it will need to be left buried for two or three weeks for the pH to adjust to that of the soil before coming into contact with plant roots. So, delay planting or bury the Bokashi at a depth which the roots will not reach it for some time. If it is being added to an over wintering compost trench that is being used in the coming spring there is no problem,

There should not be any problem in sowing seeds on ground where Bokashi has been buried provided  the seed roots  will not reach the Bokashi for at least a couple of weeks.

 If burying Bokashi on its own rather than mixed with uncooked vegetable waste in a trench  the pre-compost will take on the appearance of soil after  two to six weeks depending on the temperature.  Mixing the Pre-compost with the soil will speed the process. As in the case of conventional cold composting little or nothing will happen at winter temperatures.  More information on burying the pre-compost and trench and post hole composting is available at http://www.carryoncomposting.com/416920212 and http://www.carryoncomposting.com/443725787