15. Jun, 2020

The last of the 2019 vintage compost is harvested

The last bin of the compost made during 2019 is now being harvested. Plot holders are invited to help themselves from the 5th in the row of pallet bins.

To celebrate the event this weeks Aerated Compost Tea will be made from sieved compost from this bin with the usual seaweed boost. The compost tea will be available Wednesday morning from 10:30- 12.00.

The tea is also available to members of Leicester and Leicestershire  allotments if ordered a week in advance.More details of Compost Teas are avaialable by clicking this link Compost Teas or going to http://www.carryoncomposting.com/441149730

The compost in the bin has not been sieved that shown in the photo has been to produce  a fine compost e.g. for use in pots etc.  The unsieved compost is suitable for use as a mulch or to top up raised beds.