3. Feb, 2020

Using lime when making composting leaves


Composting leaves in a bin with the addition of lime and fertiliser is said to provide a relatively quick method of producing  a leaf compost. More information making leafmould and leaf compost at http://www.carryoncomposting.com/142941468

A layer leaves approximately 200mm (about 8”) deep is  put in the bottom of a 1-1.5-metre-high compost bin. Water is added to moisten the leaves while being careful not to make them so wet that they form a mat. A mixture of equal parts lime and lawn fertiliser  (20g of each) is then sprinkled over the leaves.  This is covered by a 1” layer of garden soil.  The lawn fertilizer must not include any herbicide (selective weed killer). The alternating layers are continued until the bin is full moistening each layer of  leaves as they are added.

To speed decomposition the heap  should be aerated by turning every two weeks (a two-bin system makes this easier). The bin is kept covered to prevent waterlogging but water if the composting leaves dry out. The moisture content should be checked each time the material is turned at intervals through out the process.

This entry is based on an artical by  Ann Wolters at https://www.ehow.com/how_7571536_quickly-compost-leaves-lime.html

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